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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Academic Writing?

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 28, 2018 16:45

Deliberate or reckless representation of another’s words, thoughts, or ideas as one’s own without attribution is known as plagiarism.” (Judicial Governance of University of North Carolina)

Plagiarism is a violation of the rule in academic writing at college and universities. Duplicate content from websites and the notes from other students are seriously an offense for essay writing projects. Students often do this mistake while writing their assignment for complicated subjects. They fail to avoid collisions after giving lots of effort but do not get success.

Different Types of Plagiarism in Assignments

  • Self-plagiarism: Copying the part of the content and repeating the exact lines in the same assignment is known as self-plagiarism.
  • Direct-plagiarism: taking the ideas and similar content from the internet without proper citation is known as Direct-plagiarism.
  • Mosaic-plagiarism: Copying a whole quotation without using quotation without paraphrasing is known as Mosaic-plagiarism.
  • Accidental-plagiarism: When students forget to cite a source or give wrong references, then it is known as Accidental-plagiarism.
  • Collision- Copying the content from other students in the same university is known as Collision.

Some expert tips are given by the writers of custom essay writing service below to avoid such issues:

Create an Outline

The professional essay writers in USA suggest drafting an outline while writing a research paper. Get a clear idea about the parts and formats of dissertation and research papers. Essays are not only a collection of an idea from the internet. The exact frame of the project is essential while writing an essay with exact sourcing.

Citing Sources

Try to avoid citing websites like ‘Cite this for me’ and source references from Google Scholar Citation site. Before doing a citation, check whether the author name and year is authentic or not. Wrong sourcing is not acceptable in academia.

Scrutinize the Sources

To keep the essay writing to-the-point and to avoid plagiarism learn the exact format of writing research papers and check the bibliography two to three times after referring it to your text.


Learn how to paraphrase a sentence by toggling up or replacing synonyms of the words. Proper paraphrasing reduces the chance of duplicity if you change the structure of an exact content in your style.

Do not Write Blindly

You cannot write an academic project hastily with quick research. It is necessary to know about the subject and research on the given topic. You cannot write an essay research without doing in-depth research.

Final Approach

Following the expert tips of academic writers may help you to evade duplicity and draft original content for academia. If you cannot write an assignment by avoiding plagiarism or collision then take help of a reliable custom essay writing service, which provides 100% plagiarism free research papers and other assignments for your college.

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