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How to Avoid Essay Scam & Find the Most Trusted Assignment Writing Company

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on January 25, 2019 19:12

The industry of school and college assignment writing is growing at a rapid pace. Thousands of students want to purchase essay papers on a daily basis as their tight schedule prevents them completing their task on their own. There are many renowned online academic writing services out there that cater the assignment requirements of the students. However, the enormous growth of this sector attracts many people to conduct essay scams.

There are tens of thousands of assignment help websites in the market, but a majority of them are not at all trustworthy and produce really a poor quality work and less than 1% can be termed as “reliable”. According to a report published in The Sydney Morning Herald “As a Fairfax Media investigation reveals, essay-writing services offered by the Chinese-language websites are the center of a widespread academic cheating scandal, potentially incriminating hundreds of students at almost every university in NSW.”

As taking help from the expert writers is unavoidable, it’s good to know few tips to find out the authenticity of writing help service provider-

Check Yelp Review: If you want to check whether your assignment writing service provider really based in the UK or USA, Yelp review is the best possible way to identify it. Yelp is the top business listing site where you could only get genuine reviews about the service of the company. This will make it easier for you to judge the authenticity of the company.

Price Factor: Stay away from the companies that are either too much expensive or too cheap. The online essay writing company that charges a much higher price than the average to deliver a good paper often works with the intention to extract as much money as possible from you, and after you made the payment, they will not deliver the work as per schedule and ultimately when they deliver it, you will find a sub-standard paper that even a fifth grade student can write. On the other hand, the companies with the cheapest quotes only want to make quick money and don’t deliver high-quality work.

Check the Web Page Content of the Company- The web page content of most of the fraudulent websites is extremely poor filled with punctuation, grammatical and spelling mistakes. Their web page content is the indication the level of attention they will pay to your assignment requirements.

A maximum number of essay writing help websites make false claims about their location, qualifications of their writers and privacy policy. Actually, they are scammers with the sole intention to cheat the students and making money. Following the points mentioned above will prove really valuable to avoid the scammers and find out the essay writing company students can rely on. 

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