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Essential Elements and Tips to Write Literature Review in Dissertation

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on July 10, 2018 16:17

Students often struggle with their Undergraduate and Master’s Paper of dissertation with the part of literature review in a research paper. Whether you take essay writers for hire or you draft a dissertation yourself, some methods are common and essential to be included in the literature review.

What is Literature Review?

While writing a dissertation, the literature review appears on the beginning of the essay paper, so it is the significant part of the whole dissertation. The précis, appropriate sources, citation and name of the authors with the mentioned theory are needed to be added in a literature review. Students need to research on lots of topic of the relevant subjects and collect points to present in the dissertation while writing a review based on literature.

Major Elements of Literature Review

You need to present a paragraph giving the title of different books and summarize the contents to write a literature review. Collect the theories of several authors with a comprehensive dissertation subject and strong idea with correct citation. The length of the literature review in a dissertation must be 25% including background, inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Take a look on some necessary tips provided by expert academic writers to draft literature review for dissertation:

1. Questions

Do not start the analysis of the literature without framing relevant questions that guide the dissertation. After framing the questions start an objective analysis at the beginning of the literature review.

2. Research

Collect ideas from Google Scholar books, government websites, and other relevant reference or sources with in-depth research. A wide research based on the database is done by freelance writers in USA to write a literature review for the dissertation.

3. Significance of sources

Do not mention flat description while writing reviews. Take ideas from sources like academic journals and scholarly articles to write a literature review.

4. Key theme

Explain, interpret and evaluate the key themes to write literature review by doing thematic analysis that constructs the body of the content.

5. Critical argument

Dissected questions with critical argumentative points are needed to be defined with statistics, figures, rationale, objective, and background in review part.

6. Categories

Structuring principles in a literature review must be described with essential categories such as research questions, theoretical paradigm, and chronology.

7. Relevant theories

The theoretical underpinning of different sources, paradigmatic aims, inherent assumptions and articulated theories are the main rudiments to be described in a literature review of a dissertation.

8. Citation

Appropriate citation with apposite books, author name, place and year is needed to be cited in every theory to prove its relevancy.

Final Thoughts

A literature review is the essential part of dissertation paper that describes the theories, author points, critical approaches, and arguments in a brief way. The expert academic writer and freelance writers in USA suggest following all the above-mentioned tips to write a standard literature review in your essay paper or dissertation.

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