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Assessment of Essays With the AI-Powered Automated Grading

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on March 15, 2019 12:22

For assessing the academic excellence of students, essay writing is the most essential element. The notable thing is, the time-consuming manual assessment of essays is quickly replacing with the automated grading of essays. There is no denial that manual grading takes a whole lot of time and hence the entire process becomes expensive.

The AI-powered automated grading is the latest technological advancement that colleges and school authorities are adopting heavily. It will not only reduce time for the assessment of an essay but also make the entire scoring flawless and conclusive. Both the teachers and students will get highly-benefited by this advance grading system.


How does Automated Essay Grading Work?

The concept of automated grading stands on the basic principles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The system is cheap, quick and without human bias.

  • By utilizing the advanced statistical technique, a grading software can analyze written prose, make calculations based on more than 300 measurements (fluency, diction, grammar, construction, etc.), and can obtain results that look very similar to what a human analyzer would get – reliability and validity.
  • Linear regression technique is used for training the model along with making the use of various other classifications and clustering techniques of assessing an essay.
  • Natural language processing, semantic, automatic plagiarism detection and syntactic analysis are some of the smart techniques used to analyze the quality of an essay as accurately as possible.
  • The automated essay marking software uses algorithms to measure more than 500 text-level variables to yield scores and feedback regarding the following characteristics of writing quality: idea development, organization, style, word choice, sentence structure, and writing conventions such as spelling and grammar.

Essay scoring software has dramatically improved over the last couple of years. By identifying the elements of essays that human graders seem to like, the programs create a model used to grade new essays. If human graders give essays with long sentences high marks, for example, the programs will tend to do so, as well. Automated essay marking is capable of producing scores similar to human scores with equal performance for both source-based and traditional writing genre.


Final Thoughts-

Perhaps in the future, computerized teachers will be grading computerized students. It appears that automated essay grading isn’t fully developed to replace human markers fully. But one day it might be wise enough to recognize this as the most conclusive and unbiased essay grading system.

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